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A roleplaying guild for Age of Conan.
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 Application - Thenaran Nibulus

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PostSubject: Application - Thenaran Nibulus   Mon May 05, 2008 2:12 am

Character Name: Thenaran Nibulus
Character Race: Aquilonian
Character Age: 25
Character Class: Conqueror
Character Profession skills: -
IC-Reason to join the House of Tanisius:
Open, for now. In case of acceptance, I'd like to discuss the possibilities on this though!

What can I offer to the House of Tanisius (Both IC and OOC):
Loalty and activity, in a nutshell. Willingness to do what I can to aid the guild prosper and grow, in senses of roleplay, community and game progress. A hearty and humoristic addition to the ranks? *smirks*

Background story (Brief):
Born and raised in the city of Tarantia, spending the first years of his youth looking up to the guards and soldiers, yet doing none to become one by himself. Swearing his faith to Mitra, whom his mother followed and praised loally and taught him to the ways of understanding the one god. At the age of 17, decided to begin training by himself to achieve the strength and glory one day, soon after applying to a military academy, adapting the skills to lead and command, only to be expelled after 2 years because of 'accidently' decapitating a fellow student in a spar. After that, following his own path, roaming the nearby lands around Tarantia and training himself further in the arts of war, the desire to become a great Commander on a battlefield in his heart. ( This is still pretty much open and undecided, some things might be changed and details added as I study the lore a little.. And while trying to make it less of a cliché. )

Former experiences of MMO:s and roleplaying:
Anarchy Online briefly, and (Oh don't judge me for the following!) the World of Warcraft for 2 years, Lord of the Rings Online as latest. RP in heart for as long as I can remember, never had luck of getting into P&P groups but have been roleplaying on forums, and the whole 2 years in WoW and LoTR which I must to admit.. Is my greatest base in roleplaying, but I definately wouldn't say that it's a bad one, though I'll leave that for everyone to judge as they interact with me.

Real life name: Juuso
Real life age:18 (Born in 89)
Timezone: +2

A complete and edited background can be found from the Lore - Backgrounds section.

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Thenaran Nibulus   Mon May 05, 2008 8:19 am

Its a bit short, but it looks good

Accepted, welcome to the guild.

Please join us on IRC and read through the forums.

Kindest regards

May Mitra bless your path and bring justice to your ememies
High Priestess Althea of House of Tanisius, Servant of Mitra.
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Application - Thenaran Nibulus
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