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A roleplaying guild for Age of Conan.
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 Auros of Shamar

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PostSubject: Auros of Shamar   Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:47 am

Character Name: Auros of Shamar
Character Race: Aquilonian
Character Age: 34
Character Class: Conqueror
Character Profession skills: Weapon/Armoursmithís a placeholder, Iíll adept and choose whatís needed ^^.

IC-Reason to join the House of Tanisius:
Being a Centurion of the house and aiding in the further establishment of the house.

What can I offer to the House of Tanisius (Both IC and OOC):

First and foremost role play as the character Auros, partake in as many as possible events and of course host events as well. Aid as best as I can in the progressing of the guild. Be active in the pvp and help House of Tanisius reach the placed goals within it. Beyond that a humorous and pleasant chat ^^. Oh aye, of course aid in creating/maintainig the guilds webpage.

Background story (Brief):

Son of Cadmus; A low ranking officer in the army of Aquilonia, Rhea; A Librarian, both residing within the city of Shamar. Cadmus, originating from Tarantia was stationed in Shamar due to the conflicts of the city and its close by neighbouring nations, where he later on met Rhea and settled down for a period of a time. They had three children, Auros, Illus, Levana and Auros being the eldest of the three.

Due to the constant battles within the city and itís borders, Cadmus had Illus and Levana sent away to the city of Tarantia with their mother Rhea. Auros remained with his father in Shamar.

Auros remained in the city to the age of six, where he had been tutored by his father. A couple of years later he was sent to the military, in an Aquilonian military settlement outside the city. There he remained and fought to the age of seventeen, later on moved to Tarantia for further education in the military. Countless of battles, both in victory and loss he had managed to attain the rank of officer at the age of 26.

He continued to battle at the Aquilonian borders, fend of and defend against the various hostile moves against the nation. At the age of 31 he received word of his fatherís death, he later returned to Shamar. When he returned the city itself was heavily pushed by the nation of Ophyr. He partook in the defense of the city in the name of Aquilonia. After the victory in Shamar, Auros stationed himself in Tarantia however barely there due to the amount of time he was sent away on assignments.

It was under an assignment affiliated with The House of Tanisius he came in contact with the houseís Patriarch, Carneades and his wife Annastasyia. Carneades later on persuaded Auros to join the House in the form of the military officer, this due to his background. Auros, somewhat weary with the constant defending of the borders accepted Carneades request in hope for something more meaningful; a structured and disciplined society.


Due to his upbringing within the military Auros is a man whom belives in loyalty and understand the meaning of discipline and following orders. He will execute given orders accurately and with no fuss. Even though he can be viewed upon as quite strict he still goes about with a calm and humorous behaviour from time to time.

Former experiences of MMO:s and roleplaying:
Everquest 2 , City of Heroes, Lineage 2(briefly), World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, Vanguard(briefly), LoTR(briefly), and Runescape.

As to what concerns roleplay, Iíve been PnP role-playing since the age of 12, both as characters and DMís. In thoose MMOs which Iíve invested most time on Iíve always been on roleplay servers, this due to that I believe that it offers a another level of gameplay for myself. Been active NWN, in hosting/partook in a bundle of role-play adventures.

Well, thatís me o/

Real life name (Optional): Robin
Real life age:22 (Born in 86)
Timezone: +1

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PostSubject: Re: Auros of Shamar   Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:49 am


Annastasyia the second, Matriarch of the house of Tanisius.
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Auros of Shamar
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