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 Naem of Khemi & Lochlain the Watchful - Application.

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PostSubject: Naem of Khemi & Lochlain the Watchful - Application.   Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:18 pm

Auros's little alt projects Smile And yes i'm fully aware of that these characters wont be fully admitted to the guild untill the ratio isn't settled. However, it's just so lonely without a guildchat : (.

Character Name: Naem of Khemi
Character Race: Stygian
Character Age: 30
Character Class: Herald of Xotli
Character Profession skills: Weaponsmith/Armorsmith

IC-Reason to join the House of Tanisius:

Seeking deeper understanding for the Aquilonian structure and society, Naem offers his knowledge as a un-official emissary of Stygia, aiding in whatever needed issues the House should have in Stygian lands with his knowledge

Background story (Brief):

Born as a bastard son of a Stygian pleasure girl and Stygian scholar, Naem early in life had to earn both respect and recognition. Nevertheless he soon understood that the task itself was easier said then done. At the age of 10 Naem ran simple errands in the different marktplaces, cleaning up the litter, looking out for the mounts of travellers that arrived to different Inns in Khemi.

Naem never spoke to either his father and mother seeing as he was given up at birth, due to the mothers incapabillity of nurtiuring for the child and the fathers non wish to recognize the child as his own due to the mothers occupation in life.

At the age of 15, tired of how life had settled his path he by fotune heard men in the inn speak about blessing and glory. Curious as Naem was and of course his dislike for the situation in life that he was placed in he couldn't restrain himself. He spoke to the men at the table and asked about what they were speaking about. They replied with the simple answer that if he saught fortune and prosparity in life, he should travel to mountains in the land of Stygia.

Naem without any hesitation did such and moved about with the little he had saved whilst working. The rest of this story is as of today still untold.

Character Name: Lochlain the Watchful.
Character Race: Cimmerian
Character Age: 41.
Character Class: Bear Shaman.
Character Profession skills: Alchemy/Gem cutting

IC-Reason to join the House of Tanisius:

To his benificals learn more about the Aquilonian nature but in trade offer his knowledge within resource. That beeing everything from raw materials to different animals, which would serve as useful to a newley growing establishment as the the House.

Background story (Brief):

Lochlain the Watchful a tribesman since birth and loyal advisor to his tribe, was born into the tribe under the sign of the hawk.

Later on in life Lochlain lived up to this sign, always Watchful over the tribe he was born into and belonged. Even though Lochlain had prooven himself worthy as a combatant he still always favoured the wild and the spirits as he belived whom watched over him and the tribe.

Lochlain often found himself walking about the woods, learning about its resources and its usage, so that he wouldn't harm the thing that he cared for. Due to his affiliation with the forrest and its inhabitants, Lochlain was soon choosen as the tribes shaman.

He held this position to the age of 40 only to one day later on realise the restriction he had applied on himself. Even though he has worked about in co-opertation with the forest through his belief he had neglected the surrounding world and it's nature and inhabitant. He later gave up his Shaman role within the tribe and set out to explore and learn more about the world he had so un-cunningly neglected.
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Naem of Khemi & Lochlain the Watchful - Application.
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