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A roleplaying guild for Age of Conan.
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 Application from Milliendre

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PostSubject: Application from Milliendre   Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:34 pm

Character Name: Milliendre
Character Race: Aquilonian
Character Age: 16-19 (Not really known)
Character Class: Priestess of Mitra
Character Profession skills: None as I write

IC-Reason to join the House of Tanisius:
Millie, alone and afraid of life itself, met Valerion who convinced her to walk with him. As he talked of his family Millie began to understand what it was she needed. She needed someone who cared for her, and someone to care for. She longed for company, men and women to share her life with.

What can I offer to the House of Tanisius (Both IC and OOC):
IC: Millie might seem like a rude and overconfident. But in truth she is a caring soul. She would do everything for those around her. This I think would prove to be good for the IC life of many members of the House. As long as people can look past her, close to, cocky way. (She might be in distress at the moment, but is still ready to help when it truly is vital.)
OOC: Well, this I dont really know. I tend to be quite the same, allways there to talk to if you need to talk. Usually ready to help out if needed (of course there are times when I cant) and I love to just be of service in one way or another.

Background story (Brief):

Actually, Milliendre is rather secretive when it comes to her past, only sharing it with those who she trusts, and due to certain events in her life they aint more than a handful. What mostly know is that she has gone through something traumatic in her past, rendering her cautious towards her surroundings. Never allowing anyone to come close to unravel the mysteries of past. Never allowing anyone to get close to her, although she more than happily helps others, seemingly trying to alone compensate for the bad things she has gone through.

(It might seem I dont know her past, but I do, I could just as well write something about it to, but thats not the point. The Point is, that its funnier to Rp how people get to know of her past, therefor I will only write the things you might very well notice while just spending very little time with her)

Former experiences of MMO:s and roleplaying:
I played WoW for 2 years almost exactly now. I have also tested LotRO. In both I played on RP servers most of my time. I Roleplay regularly in real life, once a week actually. So I would say I got a pretty good grip about the Roleplaying idea. I have even been to a few LARPs, really fun, worth testing I must say.

Real life name (Optional): For some reason I dont give out my name like this.. Sorry.
Real life age:17 (Going 18 on 31st of august, and usually believed to be older then I am. I am sure Valerion an vouch for that.)
Timezone: +1
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PostSubject: Re: Application from Milliendre   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:18 pm


Contact any guild member and we'll sort out an invite for you.

Annastasyia the second, Matriarch of the house of Tanisius.
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Application from Milliendre
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