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A roleplaying guild for Age of Conan.
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 Chanessa - Application

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PostSubject: Chanessa - Application   Wed May 28, 2008 1:10 am

Name: Chanessa Calina
Race: Aquilonian
Age: 22
Class: Mitran priestess
Profession: Uncertain at this point, likely alchemy

IC-Reason to join the House of Tanisius:
”I see the world as it truly is, in the light of Mitra. His favoured children, the Aquilonians,
are besieged by lesser beings, and unjust actions are taken against them. But by the light
of Mitra we shall prevail! I shall see it the fruit of my very life, as my parents did it before
me. But I shall learn from the past as well. I shall succeed where they did not. Their failure
proved that strength lies not in faith alone, but in numbers as well, and thus I must seek out
those who share my views and faith in Mitra. I see that only then, will I be able to bring the
warmth of Mitra to our lands, and root out the heresy that is causing injustice to my people
and tainting the heart of our world!"

What can I offer to the House of Tanisius (Both IC and OOC):
“My duties to this world and to my house are the following: To heal and aid my fellow beings
in matters both physical and spiritual; to help expand and defend the lands of my allies; to
fight injustice and brighten the world with the light of Mitra.”

I believe I can offer the House a solid RPer and an active member.
I intend to be more active on the RP side of the game, and will try to be available whenever
anyone feels like RPing - I like daily casual RP.
Lastly I would like to contribute with my part to create a friendly overall environment for players
in the House and on the server in general.

Background story (Brief):
Having been raised in a zealous family of Mitran priests, she was taught about the worship of Mitra,
and knows no other reality than that which her religion shows her.
At a young age, she experienced the slaughter of her family at the hands of Stygian cultists, and
ever since she has worked to maintain her faith and the religious ways of her diseased family.
Over the past years, she has been studying and philosophizing about her religion, and has now
reached a point where she feels it is time for her to put her training to use.

Former experiences of MMOs and roleplaying:
I have played WoW and both NWN 1&2 as the more relevant MMOs. Besides that, I have done
loads of pen and paper RP, live RP, and I have played a great number of RPGs in the past 7 years.

Real life name: Erik
Real life age:17
Time zone: GMT+1

I would like to note a couple of things:
First of all, I realize that I do not meet the age requirements of the House – If I am rejected due
to this, expect to hear from me again in half a year.
Secondly, I am new to the world of Conan, and have only briefly been introduced to this by Mastius.
Thus I would like to apologize for any lore wise screw ups I may commit in the beginning.
Lastly I would like to note, that as I take my education very seriously, I might not always feel I have
time to show up at important events, though I will adjust my time to fit with the plans of the House as
well as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Chanessa - Application   Wed May 28, 2008 1:16 am

Looks good, nice with another Priest of Mitra.

You are in, but on a trial due to your low age.

But lets give it a try shall we? We will invite you as soon as we are online. Until then, Welcome.

Kindest regards

High Priestess Althea.

May Mitra bless your path and bring justice to your ememies
High Priestess Althea of House of Tanisius, Servant of Mitra.
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Chanessa - Application
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