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A roleplaying guild for Age of Conan.
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The house of Tanisius is an aquilonian family consisting of bloodblonds and different close relationships.

To become inititated the initiate must be accepted by a full member of the core family and must swear loyalty the current matriarch/patriarch.

Religion is a strong part of the world of Hyboria, and it exists strongly within the House to, mainly taking form in several different rites and ceremonies that the members are meant to take part of.
For instance the members must, on a weekly basis, confess to one of the priests or priestess’s of the House.

The family does not have a long or a very successful history though the memories of once being nothing and actually climbing up to become something about 120 years ago live on.

The family members are all aquilonian, at least the core family, which means they carry aquilonian values with them, such as the freedom of religion. However, even if you are free to believe what you want, doesn’t mean you get to be as well treated as the others.

The core members are fully in understanding of that Mitra is the one and only God, and they expect their members and followers to believe in the same way. This does not mean that this guild is for aquilonian’s only, quite the opposite, as members of other nations can bring their expertise which can aid in the house’s expansion.

There is one thing which is required the greatest of traits when the Tanisius house seek new members, namely loyalty.
Loyalty until death, which is sworn once to the house itself and secondly to the current leader of the house. To strengthen the bond of feeling that all are members of a family, even people who do not share blood entitle each other as “Father”, “Brother” and so on dependent on their rank in the organization.
There are also several different gifts in return for the loyalty and service given from a member of the house, for example weapons or horses.
However, people whose loyalty can be in question will quickly be removed in a more or less discrete way.

At the current, the current patriarch of the house of Tanisius has left the mortal life in Hyboria and since there is no male heir old enough to take the throne, his wife, the widow known as Annastasyia the second has taken on the heavy toll of running their fertile lands.

Now those days are the past, their lands were invaded by pictish tribes half a year ago who raided their homes and burned them to the ground. Many were amongst the dead, the survivors fled though, swearing to re-build their home twice as strong as it once was.

Power hungry and ambitious Annastasyia intends to gather whatever allies she can find by her side and slay those who stand in her way. Either you are with the house of Tanisius, or against it.

What do you choose to be?
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