House of Tanisius

A roleplaying guild for Age of Conan.
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 Seeking allies

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Cadarn Ab Oscar

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PostSubject: Seeking allies   Thu May 15, 2008 9:59 pm

Character name: Cadarn Ab Oscar
Character Race: Cimmerian
Character age: 35
Character Class: Conqueror
Character Profession skills: Undecided

IC-reason for joining:
He will swear any oath, take any vow and pledge his unyielding loyalty to anyone who would deliver him from the maddening solitude that has become his existence.

OOC-reason for joining:
Both of my brothers (Menenius Numerius Triarius and Boriam) are in your guild.

What I offer the House of Tanisius:
I offer a battletested sword arm and a spirit that will not yield to fear nor break under the pressure of combat.

Background Story:
Being born and raised in a small village in the Eiglophian Mountains, I grew accustomed to the harshest of environment, killing for food and the warmth of the leopards fur, avoiding the occasional ice worm.

Five years ago, when I was returning from emptying traps with my father, we heard the sound of screams and the clashing of steel coming from the village and we both threw down our prey, drew our swords and started running for the village. The sight to greet us was that of maimed bodies, burning houses and what was left of our clan, fighting a loosing battle, against a foe outnumbering them fifty to one. It was a brigade of Vanir invaders who had found the village. My father didn’t hesitate and leaped as if possessed by a demon in the direction of his house, cutting down several invaders on the way. He noticed I hadn’t followed him, and looked back with eyes that felt like a thousand knifes stabbing at my heart. “FIGHT!” he’s voice thundered. “FIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY!” But I couldn’t move. I saw my wife lying in the snow which was red with blood. Her left arm was gone, she had a wound in her chest and her body pale and lifeless. Tears reached my eyes as I turned and ran. I couldn’t see clearly, everything was blurry. My father was calling out for me, before being silenced by the blade in his throat. The sounds of battle became deep and hollow as I got further away from the village. This land was my cradle, my backyard, my hunting grounds and my home for 30 years, thus eluding the scouts, the invaders sent for my head, proved little difficult.

These past five years I have lived alone and ashamed. Focusing my attention at honing my skills with the blade. Travelling the world, testing myself against any who would give me an excuse to do so. Wanting to forget yet not. Wanting to move on but couldn’t. I live now haunted by the events of my past, a burning anger of the Vanir invaders who took my family and myself for letting them. An anger that has been building, burning away at my soul, which have become hardened and cold. Then I realized that I had to focus my anger obtaining meaning for myself. Through combat and conquest I will force my mind straight and regain my sanity. Alone I am doomed to fight and lose. I will need allies for else I am a lost cause. In my search for an army, with whom I would gladly fight for meaning or die without regret, I hear of a guild. A guild of men and women with a goal that would serve my purpose. Would they have me I would gladly pledge myself to their cause, for their cause is my salvation. I’m almost at their doorstep. “House of Tanisius” is their name. Should they choose to take me in, my destiny will be forever bound to their intent. My sword will be their sword and my life will be their life.

Real life name: Kenneth
Real life age: 26
Timezone: +1
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PostSubject: Re: Seeking allies   Thu May 15, 2008 10:09 pm

Looks great, you're accepted into the house of Tanisius.

For now you are in a reserve spot as we intend to keep our Cimmerian numbers down, but once we've gotten a few more Aquilonians you will defenitely be a full member.

Please register, read up on the forums and get into our IRC channel.

Annastasyia the second, Matriarch of the house of Tanisius.
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Seeking allies
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