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 a day in the church

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PostSubject: a day in the church   Tue May 13, 2008 7:04 pm

Character Name: Kinia Alba
Character Race: Aquilonian
Character Age: 39
Character Class: Priest of Mitra
Character Profession skills: (need to see how they work in game, probely alcimist)

A day not so long ago a lady in some pure cloth enter the church of Mitra, walking around in silence but still the lips was moving like the lady was reciting a old prayer, at some point she got close to the alter and kneeled down in front of it, as she Kneeled the priests came out from the back room, she stop to listen to the prayer from the lady.

“Ohh lord of my faith show me the way back to my lost family I have travelled for many years doing your work among the violent fraction, and those in need to see your light” a pause in the prayer “ my family Tanisius I a distant cousin one of the last of the forgotten braches of this family tree, where do I find them” she now stay silent for a while contemplating what she just has said and to look in ward fore the sign.

The priests walk over and lay a hand on the lady’s shoulder “my child you have found them”, the lady looks up at the priests the lady utter “my lord and maker I have come home” as the priests look into the eyes of the lady she sees a glimpse of something noble and familiar, “my lady who are you I see you have the eyes of a noble and a heart of a believer” the lady says “ I am Kinia a priest lost from the family been travelling the world in search of the people that need my service and my help” a small pause “ I have talk to many and help even more on my travels” looks a bit sad “spread the word of Mitra into the dark corners of the world” a sigh came out “ now I am looking to find my family and join there ranks once more”
The priests says “ I know your family well the House Tanisius now with lady Annastasyia as the leader” a bit proud “ she has call out to all corners of the world to assemble the family once more to fight the evil that lurks and protect the family values” a bit light hearted “ you can swear me loyalty and I will help you” Kinia replies in a harsh voice “ who are you to ask my loyalty” even with anger now showing in the eyes “ I have travel the world in Blood and despair even been killing fore my faith” anger in the voice nearly shouting “WHO ARE YOU” The priests replies “I am the Highpristes of the family, I AM Althea THE PROTECTOR of our faith” the anger leaves Kinia’s eyes “little Althea You have grown, you are now member of the family, I just member you as a young girl, much has happen since then” a tear breaks into one corner of one of Kinia’s eyes she lower her head “ I swear loyalty to my family and you Althea If you want me” with a bit of hope in the voice “do you??”

Some days later (if Althea respond in favour)
The members of House Tanisius where gathered in the church of Mitra for congregation.
This was not their church per se, as their struggle to re-establish a foothold following the pictish pillagings and burnings six moons ago, had not yet allowed for such a bold move to be made.
They had come far though. In large part due to their Lady Annastasyia´s refusal to let the legacy die out as well as the surviving members´ tenacity. During the past months their numbers had even grown as unknown decendants of the family had emerged and even, though under protest from older family members, new people had been adopted into the fold.
And now transformed, from a loose affiliation with only a few members spread thinly across Aquilonia, into an organized house in search of a place to call home and establish a place of worship for the one true god; Mitra.
Thus was the rumor and this is what caught the ear of a battle-forged Aquilonian, whom himself lacked a place to belong. And so he had convinced the priest in charge of the mass, to let him speak before the assempled members of House Tanisius (and whom else may be attending the ritual).

Priest of Mitra: "... and may Mitra´s Light shine upon you!"

Assembly: "Mitra´s Light shine upon you"

The gathering, thinking mass to be over slowly begin to collect themselves but is stopped in it´s steps by the priest.

Priest of Mitra: "This mass is over but before you go, people of House Tanisius, I would appreciate a few more moments of your time"

Their curiosity thus awakened the family members remained. Those not from the house resumed their previous paths and left the church quietly. The priest waited for them the clear out before going on.

Kinia Looks over at the newcomer a smile come to show *one of them has come*and a small tear in the eye *hope more will come in time*

side note:
Been palying loads of other games online MMO's
are also DM in Pen and paper a few other comming to this place is RL friends.

Real life name (Optional): ian
Real life age: --Old enough---
Timezone: GMT+1

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PostSubject: Re: a day in the church   Tue May 13, 2008 7:27 pm


Welcome to the guild, Please read up on the forums.

Kindest regards.

May Mitra bless your path and bring justice to your ememies
High Priestess Althea of House of Tanisius, Servant of Mitra.
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a day in the church
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